We’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest businesses to provide custom trailers for promotional, educational and business needs.

West Coast Trailers can develop custom display trailers for any business, shape or size. Custom fabrication methods allow West Coast Trailers to get the best results, and high class finishes. Working closely with the client ensures the highest detail of fabrication is achieved.

SES – State Emergency Services

West Coast Trailers have developed a durable enclosed trailer for the SES. Needing to have the ability to be durable within all weather conditions and both on and off road this trailer can not afford to let anyone down.

Drinking Fountain Trailers

West Coast Trailers has developed a custom Water Drinking Fountain Trailer. This fully containable trailer provides the ability to take water to any event. Two large billboard signs, situated above each trough on an “A” frame, make the trailer highly visible in crowds promoting fresh drinking water. This fully enclosed trailer gives the ability to be fully portable in all weather conditions.

Custom Train Carriages

West Coast Trailers developed a custom train carriage to be used around the off road areas of Adventure Park in Geelong. Its heavy-duty construction allows for a lot of foot traffic as well as dealing with off road conditions.

Lions Club & Rotary Club Trailer

These trailers comes fitted with hot water services, LED lighting, Fresh water, Solar Panels and Stainless steel finishes. We here at West Coast Trailers can suit your needs from Council and Electrical to ESV certificates – All you have to do is throw the shrimp on the barbie

Education Trailers

From normal trailers to amazing custom trailers, this hasn’t stopped West Coast Trailers from making educational trailers. We’ve built a custom wonderful trailer teaching young children about different fish and what they do for us.